ATM/Debit Card Fraud

ATM/Debit card fraud can occur when individuals lose their card, give their card to someone else to use, or when their PIN number is compromised. By following the simple guidelines below you can greatly reduce your chance of ATM/Debit card fraud.

To report ATM/Debit card as lost or stolen, call: 1-800-472-3272

Tips for protecting yourself against ATM/Debit card fraud:

  • Never write your Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your card or in your wallet. Memorize your PIN as soon as possible. Do not reveal your PIN to anyone.

  • Never use your date of birth, social security number, license number, or street address as a PIN — those are the first numbers a thief will try.

  • Do not throw away your ATM receipts at the ATM location. Keep them to reconcile your account, then dispose of them properly when you get home.

  • Always be aware of your surroundings when using the ATM. If it is late at night, try to use a machine that is well lit and avoid dark, remote locations.

  • Always evaluate the ATM machine you are using. Look for anything that may be suspicious looking, attached to, or around the machine. Thieves use ATM Skimmers (a device placed on the front of the ATM) to steal your card information.

  • Always make sure to retrieve your ATM card from the machine when the transaction is complete. Some machines fully insert your card and do not return it until the transaction is over.

  • Be aware of the person behind you. Make sure no one can see you entering your PIN or how much money you withdraw.

  • Wait until you are completely finished with your transaction and it returns to the home screen of the ATM.

  • Review your statement promptly to ensure all transactions are accurate. Report any discrepancies immediately.

  • Destroy old ATM cards immediately after receiving your replacement cards.

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