Credit Card Fraud

Credit card fraud generally occurs when cards or card numbers are compromised. By following these simple guidelines your potential for loss can be minimized.

To report Credit Card as lost or stolen, call: 1-855-651-7817

Tips for protecting yourself against credit card fraud:


  • Keep a record of your account numbers, their expiration dates, and the phone number and address of each company in a secure place.

  • Review your credit card statement as soon as possible. Match charges with your receipts to ensure all charges are yours and are for the correct amount.

  • Always sign a new credit card immediately.

  • When making a purchase with a credit card, make sure you get the card back and the receipt. Check the receipt for accuracy.

  • Void incorrect receipts

  • When using a credit card at a restaurant or store, make sure that all blank lines are marked through so that no one can change the final amount and never sign a blank receipt.

  • Only travel with the credit cards you plan on using.

  • Never give the account number of the credit card over the phone unless you initiate the call.

  • Notify card companies in advance of a change in address.


  • Lend your card(s) to anyone

  • Do not write the PIN for the account on the card

  • Leave cards or receipts lying around

  • Sign a blank receipt. When you sign a receipt, draw a line through any blank spaces above the total.

  • Write your account number on a postcard or the outside of an envelope.

  • Give out your account number over the phone unless you are making the call to a company you know is reputable. If you have questions about a company, check it out with the Better Business Bureau.