Internet Fraud

Internet Fraud can occur when viruses, worms, bugs, spyware, etc. attack your electronic devices allowing hackers to view content or access secured files on your device. The most common type of Internet Fraud is Phishing Scams. By following these simple guidelines you can greatly reduce your risk of becoming a victim.

Phishing Scams

Phishing is an internet scam in which e-mail spam or pop-up messages are used to deceive you into revealing personal or financial information over the internet. Phishers will send you an email or a pop-up message that appears to be from a company that you deal with i.e. (your credit card company, credit union, or a government agency.) The message usually requests that you update or validate account information and it will direct you to a website that looks just like the legitimate organization’s website, however it isn’t. The purpose of the fake website is to mislead you into entering your personal information so the scammers can steal the information you entered to make purchases and/or steal your identity.

Protect Yourself

If you get an email or pop-up message asking for any type of information do not reply or click on any links. If you have any questions or concerns contact the company using a method you know to be valid.

Never give any personal information via email. Domino Federal Credit Union will never request for personal information via email.

Make sure that you keep your anti-virus and anti-spyware software up to date.

For any other questions or information feel free to contact your local Domino Federal Credit Union branch.

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