Social Security Direct Deposit

These are the necessary forms and informational documents that are required for the proper implementation of Social Security Direct Deposit.  Click on the links below to download each form for you to read and fill-out. If you have trouble filling out the forms or understanding the various policies, please feel free to come to any Domino FCU Branch and we will help you fill out your form and mail it to Social Security Office for you.  Thank you for using Domino Federal Credit Union.

For more information visit or call Go Direct toll free at 1-(800)- 331-1795

This form is for Domino Federal Credit Union members who get an actual social security check each month, but now want to change that service to direct deposit into their account.  To make this change to your Social Security check, please use the following form:

Sign Up Form for Direct Deposit

This form contains the Disclosure for Privacy Act Notice, Special Notice to Joint Account Holders, Cancellations and contact phone numbers for Department of Veterans Affairs, Social Security Administration, Railroad Retirement Board, and Office of Personnel Management.  It details the policies and procedures for Direct Deposit of your Social Security Check.