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Fee Schedule

Service Fee
Account Closed Within 60 Days of Opening $25.00
Bad Address Fee Each Month Until Corrected $5.00
Bank Wire $20.00
Basic Checking (fee waived with eStatements) $3.00
Bill Pay Overnight Check $14.95
Bill Pay Same-Day (Electronic Payment Only)  $9.95
Bowie-Cass Payment Processing Fee $3.00
Chargeback Item Written from Self $30.00
Clean Slate Checking $10.00
Courtesy Pay (CP) Fee (Visa Debit Card) $30.00
Domino Rewards Checking $6.00
Excessive Cash Withdrawals (After 5) From Shares $3.00
Garnishments (+ Attorney Fees) $ Cost
Inactive Account Fee Per Month (12 months no activity) $5.00
Late Payment Fee (After 10 Days Late) $20.00
Levies $ Cost
Money Orders $2.00
Nonsufficient Funds (NSF) Items Paid $30.00
Nonsufficient Funds (NSF) Items Returned $30.00
Photocopy of Check $3.00
P2P Fee  $ Up to 3.00
Reorder of VISA Credit or Debit Card $20.00
Research Copies (Per Page) $2.00
Research Fee (If Applicable) $10.00
Safe Deposit Box Drilling $ Cost
Safety Deposit Box Replacement Key $ Cost
Skip-a-Payment Fee (Requires Signed Form) $25.00
Statement Reprint (Per Statement) $2.00
Stop Payment Request (Requires Signed Form) $32.00
Teller Checks (up to $999.99) $2.00
Temporary Check (Per Page) $2.00
Western Union Wire $20.00